Small Business, Huge Tone.

The difference is in the tone.


We are a small shop handcrafting killer tone one pickup at a time. Each pickup is handwound and handbuilt with a strong passion for guitars, big riffs and great tone. Why settle for any less?

We make our pickups one by one in South Western Ontario, Canada. They are not outsourced for manufacturing, then shipped here, nor will they ever be. We cut our own wood spacers, source the best baseplates, fibreboard flatwork, Alnico magnets, screws, slugs, bobbins and wire from reputable suppliers in both Canada and the USA. That does reflect in the price on checkout, but it’s well worth the investment when you hear the difference it makes. When the quality and material of every component that makes a pickup affects the overall tone, those pieces have a great effect on that tone once you drop quality to either have a lower price point, or better bottom line. We choose to offer the very best we can make at the best price we can give with zero compromise on quality.

FiftyNiner  Vintage Custom

Our pickups are not made by computer controlled machines. They are wound using a simple winding machine and every layer of coil wire, the winding pattern and coil tension is laid and controlled by hand. This means that no two pickups will sound exactly the same. Pickups wound based on the same design will all share close similarities but each will still retain a unique voice made up of complexities from the many variables that come with doing anything by hand. There are plenty of other pickup manufacturers and winders seeking the tightest consistencies. In our opinion that makes a pickup with a less inspiring and less dynamic tonal character. There’s some magic in knowing that out of a handful of pickups, one will be absolutely stellar like no other pickup on the market.

If you’re tired of the standard models from well-known big brands, are stuck with a flat uninspired tone, looking for something a bit different and not loaded in every other guitar on the block or you really appreciate a quality handmade product made by a guitar player for guitar players, we encourage you to try our pickups! Those who have are glad they did.

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