Gravitone [GRVTN-17]

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The Gravitone is a pickup with a force to be reckoned with. It’s unique tonal characteristics work really well for heavy metal with the tight low end, the cutting highs and a unique mid-range peak that will surely have you cut through the mix like no other pickup can. On an amplifier with pristine cleans, you’ll be rewarded with glassy bell like tone. With a vintage style tube amp however, expect a total tonal assault. The Gravitone will make a Plexi sound like a high gain amp with very little effort. This isn’t the pickup you chose to sound “nice” – this is the pickup when you need an assault weapon in your guitar. You’ll be dreading your 9V battery powered humbuckers in no time.


  • Wax Potting: Medium Potting
  • Coil Wire: 42AWG Vintage style Plain Enamel (Blade side) AND 43AWG Poly Coated (Screw side) coil wires
  • Magnet(s): Alnico 8
  • Polarity: In Phase – South on Screw Side
  • Baseplate(s): Short-leg nickel-silver
  • String spacing: 52mm
  • Bobbin material: ABS
  • Bobbin colour: Black
  • Cover options: No Covers
  • Lead wire options: Vintage braided single-conductor OR Modern 4-Conductor
  • DC Resistance: ~ 13k-14k (Bridge Only)

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