Firecasters for Tele – Alnico 5 [FCA5T-17]

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These Tele-style Firecasters are hot single coil pickups wound with a scattered winding pattern that produces a nice blend of warmth, creaminess and transparent layer of clarity on top that really brings out the qualities and characteristics of a good Telecaster. These hotties drive a tube amp sweetly but clean up nicely when you back the volume down a little. Plenty of twang on top but with a slight P90 sizzle to really cook things up. We offer these Neck and Bridge models in 3 variations which have different magnets. Alnico 2 being the warmest, Alnico 5 being the brightest and Alnico 3 being more transparent and middle-of-the-road with a softer attack. Pick your poison!


  • Wax Potting: Lightly Potted
  • Coil Wire (Bridge): 42AWG Vintage style Plain Enamel coil wire
  • Coil Wire (Neck): 43AWG Vintage style Plain Enamel coil wire
  • Magnet(s): Alnico 5
  • Polarity: South Up
  • String spacing: Standard Tele
  • Cover options: Raw Nickel Cover (neck)
  • Lead wire: Vintage Cloth Push-Back Leads
  • DC Resistance: ~ 7.8k (Neck) / ~8k (Bridge)
  • Baseplate(s): Non-plated Steel Baseplate (bridge)
  • Vintage style fibreboard flatwork
  • Includes Mounting Screws & Springs

* Prices are subject to fluctuate as parts are sourced from the best suppliers in the USA and Canada – their costs sometimes fluctuate as does the USD-CAD exchange rate.

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Neck, Bridge, Balanced Set

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